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Please, if you are interested on a painting, please contact me.

Private sales: (Some paintings are accepted to shows and reserved, or are showing in events around the world.  Other paintings are available for immediate sale, please contact me for details).

  • National buyers: Direct and safe payment with PayPal only.  No personal checks are accepted. Unframed items only with free shipping.

  • International buyers:  Direct and safe payment with PayPal and buyers will pay shipping and customs fees (if applicable).  Please contact me, and I will send you an invoice. Unframed items only.   EMS and FedEx prices for shipping an unframed paintings will need to be checked, the fees are increasing day to day.

Currency:   Prices in US dollars.

Payment: Paypal only, you will have the option to pay with a credit card or debit on the Paypal link. No personal checks are accepted.

Other online outlets:

Returns NO RETURNS. All sales are final.



Please, send me an email, and schedule a Teams or Zoom conference.


a) virtual tutorial classes: Step-by-step classes are available on regular bases, via Teams, one-hour class per week, price $30.

b) Critique: via Teams or Zoom, about 30 minutes, recommended only for intermediate or advanced students, price  $100.

b) Painting Holidays: Come paint with me, small groups or private paint-outs

  • Constructive critique is available all times;

  • Formal instruction can be scheduled;

  • Flexible dates during Spring, Summer and Fall;

  • Students should have basic experience with watercolor techniques;

  • Stay comfortably in a hotel of your own choosing.

All ages are welcome; however, a person must be able to walk/hike a couple of km carrying painting gear to reach some of the locations.  French and Portuguese available!


I still consult on regular basis, but online only - because of the covid-19.  Readings prices are US$150 for transits (about 60 minutes), US$200 for natal chart (about 90 to 120 minutes) and US$300 for synastry and composites (120+ minutes).  After 30 years of experience, my advice is: astrology is a tool to show possibilities and available energies for a person, it does not take away free-will, it is not a substitute for common sense, and it is not a given-solution.  Date of birth, place of birth and time of birth are necessary for the readings.  Payment safe and secure by Paypal.



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